Monday, April 20, 2009

Just Let Us Know When "Dr." Wohlfahrt Is Dead

"Dr Wohlfahrt then took the floor briefly to give his opinion on the sequence of 25 March: 8 judges, accusers 4, the host of a local monthly publication in the back of the room [is that a mentor complainant, his coach]. Everyone is welcomed in the right way, and the charges come one after the other. He must explain, alone against everything: yes, when he bought the machine to aid diagnosis, it was approved, yes, some supplements are in every pharmacy, yes, the patient did not seek treatment Initially, yes, yes, yes, Atmosphere ... arduous and demanding."

-- Antoine Michon, bweaking our widdle heart, with his woeful tale of the latest twavails of the quack and betwayer, "Dr." Robert Wohlfahrt - who should be in prison for multiple murders - but, instead, is being defended on Pumpernickel.

Wohlfahrt's punk ass went on to lose this hearing.

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