Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jump Up On The Table And Let's Take A Look

"For chronic back pain I recommend back strengthening exercises, instruction in correct lifting and posture, weight loss, physical activity, judicious use of NSAIDs, and occasionally just sucking it up.  For serious back pain,...I’m certainly not sending somebody, a chiropractor which would be like going to the barber to have your transmission serviced.  It just makes no sense.  Most back pain is usually self-limiting,...and resolves in a few weeks without intervention of any kind.  With this in mind, what’s your chiropractor really doing for you?  Nothing.  Neither is the doctor who enables your narcotic addiction, especially when he writes you a prescription for vicodin just to get you out of his hair.

What is the secret to good health?

Don’t smoke, don’t stuff dangerous recreational drugs into your body, if you drink do so in moderation, eat a healthy, varied diet without resorting to fads and supplements, and exercise as regularly and as vigorously as your health will allow.  Also, get outdoors into the fresh air whenever you can, have an interesting hobby or two if your job doesn’t fill your need for creativity, and get regular sleep.

The rest is just marketing.  You don’t need to eat organic foods or make a fetish out of being “natural.”  Additionally, all the fish oil and vitamins in the world probably won’t make a bit of difference to your health and if they do, the effects will be marginal and not worth the effort and expense.  Good health is mostly common sense, inexpensive lifestyle choices, and genetics.

Eat a fucking steak every now and then."

-- Panda Bear, telling you everything you need to know, like his name is Panda Bear, M.D..

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