Saturday, December 26, 2009

Captain Obvious Wins Magic Decoder Ring

"Since his arrival on the national stage, Obama has been blessed with adversaries who overplay their hand claiming he is a 'Manchurian candidate' out to destroy America from inside.

Obama won last year's historic election by rising above that nonsense.

His casting aspersions on the very genius of the American government because he can't get his way is cause for alarm."

-- Charles Hurt, getting hurt by Mr. Charley - I mean, Mr. President - which has to mean a nutjob like me must be looking, more and more, like a direct portal into the mind of any one of those high velocity multi-pronged motivational Life Coach types these days, huh? Huh? At least to slow thinkers, like, at The New York Post?

Getting these "we were wrong" moments out of individual liberals ain't easy, and it can be truly heartbreaking, but in the end - hey - that's the only way known to snap 'em,...

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