Thursday, December 17, 2009

No Wonder The Director's Known As An Asshole

"Pandora is,...inhabited by the Na'vi, a race of blue-skinned, forest-dwelling giants who don't take kindly to the invaders razing their planet and disrupting their age-old (yet distinctly New Agey) communion with nature."

-- Dana Stevens, explaining how the plot of Avatar - a Sci-Fi movie that utilizes the biggest assortment of technological advances in cinematic history - was rendered "hopelessly fruity", embarrassingly stupid, trite, cultish, and utterly useless, before anyone had even seen it, in Slate.

I saw it - gave it a "6". Sorry, James Cameron, but - when a film takes place in the year 2154 - it's not a good idea to have your main characters spouting cliché's from 2004's Iraq War and pretending we haven't evolved past "lite beer and blue jeans". That's just dumb - or assumes we are - and, if we're that dumb, then why are we paying to see your Sci-Fi movie again?

Taking our money - and insulting our intelligence? Man, NewAgers have got a lot of balls,...

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  1. Talking to a hyper-conservative, tech-geeky, sci-fi, friend last night who saw the movie... he said, if you don't want to give Cameron your money, think of it as paying for 10 minutes labor for one of the grips.

    I can't decide if I want to see it or not, even so.

    I think that maybe I'd rather go see Sherlock Holmes.