Friday, December 11, 2009

No Surprise Here

"Virtuous shopping can actually lead to immoral behavior."

-- Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow, explaining why all these organic nuts shouldn't be buying organic nuts - those people are delusional, dangerous, and crazy - but should be forced, instead, to eat Slate.

I find it amazing - simply amazing - that so many stories can be done on the obvious mass delusion gripping elements of our culture and so few find it worthy of serious investigation. People trying to "save the planet" can be found to be lying to us about Climate Change "science", Oprah & Co. can promote bogus medicine to billions, James Arthur Ray can be promoted by Oprah - and then kill people - and, now, virtuous shoppers are found to be cruel (surprise!) but these traits, all found in Leftists BTW, are only worth a passing mention - not the thorough examination of "what's wrong with this picture?" that we need. It's a crime. A crime of journalism and a crime of science. We have become a nation with no idea what the word "integrity" means. A nation of cowards. A nation of wrong.

But, considering so many have gone willingly (and collectively) insane, I guess I'm just as stupid to expect otherwise.

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