Monday, December 20, 2010

Cowards Can't Stop (Being Afraid To Stop Fraud)

We're putting this videotaped admission of fraud up because, like the Big Government article it came from, it features the phrase "got away with murder" to make it's point - which is the point this blog has been making from the start:

We live in an era of such massive fraud, it's been possible for criminals to get away with (real) murder, because - no matter how large or small the offense - the rest of you are too busy, making excuses, to make criminals pay for their crimes.

As Lee Stranahan; the author of the column, says:
The mainstream media has treated accusations of large-scale fraud in the Pigford settlement with overt skepticism and a distinct lack of journalistic curiosity. The press has blindly repeated the Obama Administration’s claim that there are only a handful of fraud cases among the twenty thousand or so paid Pigford claims. Worse, the media has helped promote the narrative that those raising concerns about fraud in Pigford are racist.
Yes, now it's even the media and the President of the United States who's got an excuse - racism - for everything. They couldn't catch Bernie Madoff for the mere fact he was known to them for decades - his sons had to turn him in. They can't stop Oprah because, golly, she's making so much money. They can't stop the vitamin and supplement pushers for the same reason. They can't even stop psychics, which is about the biggest admission of lameness law enforcement can make. Or is someone still going to try and convince us there's a real psychic, anywhere, on the planet? Then why aren't we rounding them up? We'll tell you:

Because no one can stop anyone from anything since there's always going to be something.

Well, that "something" (along with cowardice) is a lack of critical thinking skills, but unfortunately - in the NewAge culture you've all willingly embraced - it seems to only become clear who possesses common sense after fortunes collapse, lives are broken, and/or somebody's dead. But, then, that's been the plan all along.

For shame. Shame on you all. And may that shame follow you for the rest of your lives.

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