Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Fact Of Life: Honesty Doesn't Require A Smile (And Neither Does Doing A Hard Job Well)

Now this is interesting.

According to The Daily Mail "almost half of British Workers are fed up in their jobs".

Isn't that weird?

Even weirder is - contrary to what Glenn "funemployment" Reynolds and his readers think, British workers feel that way even though they aren't being "less productive" and Barack Obama isn't over there leaning on the managers!

Instead the workers think they should be "setting up their own business, with two-thirds believing they would only be truly content at work if they were self-employed."

Now why would anybody be thinking that way, when they're so unproductive, but with wonderful managers and unemployment benefits?

Maybe there's something else happening in the workplace, huh?

Here, let's play this silly old thing again - paying special attention to the parts about how nobody cares if you have experience and are competent (a "good attitude" is everything!) and how you can get fired for pointing out problems others don't see and telling the truth:

Isn't that something? If you ask us, it kind of works like Instapundit does:

No "good attitude" - Glenn Reynolds doesn't know you're alive.

Point out problems others don't see - no posty-posty for you!

Tell the truth - Instapundit don't need to post no stinking truth!

No, it's much better for a well-paid professor to claim it's "fun" being unemployed, our country's Maharishi/The Secret management style is just fine-and-dandy (as the economy sits in the toilet) and, of course, we're all lazy.

Even us, and we rise, most mornings, around 4:30AM.

Yes, that Instapundit, he's a fine, smart, fair-minded guy who understands libertarianism - and the average worker out there - to the fullest.

Because, he knows, a "good attitude" is what's most important, since we've got to like each other to work together, sort out this country's problems, and get it going again - even though everyone's quitting.

Managers are gate-keepers, and they're all alike.

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