Sunday, December 26, 2010

The French May Have Fries, But The French Don't Fly (You Must Not Believe French Lies)

We've been telling you that France doesn't know shit about America.

But even worse is the fact Americans don't really know shit about France, either.

How this happens in the era of modern communications, we don't know, but it's a fact.

We've lived in France - not just visited - so our perspective is probably the most accurate you're going to find on the subject; plus it's from an American perspective (we're not trying to suck up to them, like so many others who have visited) so when we tell you something, you count on it being the truth.

For instance, we told you (in the post Eating In France: Dying Inside) that two phrases you'll hear a lot there are "We do not agree!" and "This is not done!"

Both are utilized to stop you from doing things - which even the youth of France despise.

Another phrase that's popular is "We do not have" because - being a socialist/communist country - they run low of supplies on everything - or out of them altogether - often. Food, electricity, you name it.

That's something difficult for Americans to comprehend - or deal with. It drove us crazy.

We're bringing this up because of a story about the Charles de Gaulle airport having to cut flights by 35% because they ran out of anti-freeze. Then they had to evacuate the damn thing because they thought the snow might collapse it's roof.

Now some of you may say, "So what? The potential for a roof collapse could occur anywhere" - and you'd be right - but not in "the crown jewel" of a Western country.

The Charles de Gaulle airport is like the best they've got, folks.

Remember that the next time some liberal globe-hopping American celebrity gives us that if-you-don't-vote-our-way-we're-moving-to-France bullshit. It's an empty threat.

They know you don't know shit about France, but they know what's up:

And their punk asses ain't going anywhere.


  1. And you know even less about the USDecember 26, 2010 at 3:07 PM

    When the Metrodome roof collapsed this morning as a result of heavy snowfall in the Twin Cities, it produced a low-grade winter wonderland on Mall of America Field.

    In case you were wondering why today's Vikings-Giants game is being postponed and moved — likely to Detroit's Ford Field — there's your reason.

  2. I knew about that - was even going to include it in my post - but unfortunately (for your smarty-pants response) the Twin Cities Metrodome isn't the crown jewel of our nation. It's just a fucking football stadium.

    God, you people can be stupid sometimes. Is trying to prove me wrong - when I lived in France - all you can think to do?

    Can you ever try actually learning something?