Friday, December 24, 2010

Now Don't You Go Worrying Yourselves, You Weirdos: We're Not Quitting Our Day Job

Ran across a piece of old poetry that seems to be imbued with a lot of the themes that have been engulfing us lately - themes that (despite the virulence of their defenders) are mostly in retreat these days, thank goodness.

It's called Self-Preservation And The Great Coffin Shake: You've Got No One To Blame (But Yourselves) but - as the "self-preservation" part of the obviously-unwieldy title might indicate - it's more about a feeling that was occurring on our side of the computer screen than anyone else's, since bothering/threatening their fellow countrymen has never been a problem for "progressives" out to "transcend" or "transform" a country the rest of us think of as a pretty good place to live, as it is.

Anyway, we thought some of you might want to read it, if you happened to have missed it the first time:

As a post - and as poetry - we like it a lot.

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