Friday, December 24, 2010

Wow - We Really Can't Believe It Happened: We Actually Found Jesus H. Christ On A Toothpick!

Jesus H. Christ on a toothpick (Heh.)

Bush told you - and your dumb ass insisted he was wrong, and used it against him, demoralizing us before the world.

Now Obama's told you - but you hypocrites don't say shit to him because A) you voted for him, and B) he's as correct as Bush was, and C) you're only trying to do anything now as a cynical environmentalist-nutjob-influenced Global Warming/Climate Change ploy, and you know it as well as we do.

So now we're telling you, too, for the last fucking time:

You're adults - shut-the-fuck-up about the god damned polar bears!

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