Friday, December 17, 2010

Day By Day, Hour By Hour, & Minute By Minute

We're going to try and see this new Nicole Kidman film, "Rabbit Hole", because A) she escaped Scientology's grip, and B) the "Alice In Wonderland" reference, and C) the movie seems to be getting at a lot of things we've noticed about grief. Not just the pain, or the pain of loss, but the pain of loss when you're surrounded by idiots:
Eight months after the accident Becca and Howie are trying to restore a measure of normalcy to their lives — to “cope,” to “move on,” or whatever other banality comes to mind. They are treated, by their neighbors and friends, with a pitying deference that they extend to each other when they are not agonizing (or passive-aggressively squabbling) over just what they should be doing. To stay with the well-meaning language of therapy — an idiom that shadows so many of the conversations in this movie — there are no right answers. And that makes matters worse, especially for Becca, who seems determined to take control of an impossible situation and by magical thinking and sheer force of will repair her broken life.
Yep. No one shallow has anything to say that can help when the big ones hit. And even more important, beyond various NewAge cliche's, now'a'days they don't even try.

We've noticed few will ever do what we ask - they always do and say what they think we want or need (how arrogant is that?) when we've been very clear:

Hit the "donate" button and save the antagonistic NewAge, recovering hippie, therapy lectures on "fear" - that they don't even recognize are antagonistic NewAge, recovering hippie, therapy lectures - for your guru.

Hippies just make bad situations worse.

We got an email from a lovely woman a few days ago, that we sat up staring at last night, still finding it all so horrifying we didn't know how to respond. It said:
thought of you

Hey CMC,

One of my old college buddies is in advanced stages of cancer. I saw his Facebook page today, and he looks like a skeleton. Things are obviously going downhill fast. I scrolled down his wall and read all the encouraging words from the many people who care about him. Then I came to this, and my blood turned cold.

Hey you wish I could make your benefit truly! But you and your family will be in my heart and soul. You are a beautiful, talented and powerful human being capable of anything. Let me know how I can help, YOGA could benefit you a lot. Let me know if you are interested! All the best.

And I just wanted to throttle the stupid bitch. How completely clueless does someone have to be to say such an inane thing to a dying man?
How about so completely clueless "you wish I could make your benefit truly!"? (That line cracked me up!) No, there's no help for such people, they'll just continue their reign of terror, with offerings which are completely alien, destroying anything that remotely feels like normalcy - or says you'll ever get there again. We're sorry. Short of destroying NewAge in this country, we don't know of anything else that will help.

But we do know it won't be yoga.

Thanks for writing.

People who "get" it:

They're the best elixir life has to offer.

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