Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In The Real World The Press Would've Pounced

Now here's some Grade A NewAge logic for you:

Julian Assange thinks every government's information needs to be made available to everyone - but anything about himself is "private".

How do we know we're in the NewAge? He's getting away with it.


  1. How do we know you're a tea-partier?

    Because despite all your rhetoric about wanting "more transparency" and "government by the people and for the people," the first time your ideals are put to the test you come rushing out of the gate loudly rooting for the Obama admin to crush an inconvenient whistle-blower.


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  3. Not as pathetic as willingly overlooking the man's hypocrisy.

  4. Oh - and it's so nice of you to admit the "unbiased" press is part of the Obama administration:

    That's a point we Tea Partiers have been trying to make for some time.

  5. Oh - and maybe I missed my own writing but, can you point me to where TMR was clamoring for "more transparency", WikiLeaks style?

    Bethcha can't, you liar.

  6. Not as pathetic as willingly overlooking the man's hypocrisy.

    Where did Assange state that goverments should have the right to delve into individual citizens' private lives and persecute them for speaking out, police-state style?

    He hasn't. Instead he is pointing out that governments are supposed to be SERVING the people who elected them, not using their money and power as permission to operate behind the cloak of secrecy and privilege like some kind of Mafia.

    Unlike you tea partiers, Assange is not a hypocrite on this point at all.

  7. I'm assuming this is Berko because the damn thing's already becoming tedious:

    First you throw up the strawman that I was asking for "more transparency" - which I never did and asked you to prove otherwise. So, since you can't prove anything but you're a liar, now you've switched to an assumption that I wanted/elected Julian Assange to free me from the government my countrymen and I love and/or elected.


    Please, go away, you're too stupid to talk to.