Sunday, December 19, 2010

Right Wing Christians Vs. "The Green Dragon"

The Christians have always been ahead of the general public on the NewAge movement - and why not? It's as much of an attack on them, or maybe even more, as it is anyone else - still, there's something about their lack of fashion, and silly names like "The Green Dragon", and of course, the fight for Jesus, that can take all the fun out of this. We can't be too hard on them though, since, as usual, they're hitting all the right buttons - the cultism, the imposition of "fear" (Hey, Meade, they're talking about "fear"!) the subversive "Jesus Camp" attack on the minds of children - so as to turn them into the environmentalist's police of parents who ought to know better - and the hatred greens have for anyone who stands in their way. Bravo!

Unfortunately, their presentation leaves a lot to be desired. You'd think Christians would get smart and become as crafty as the greens - keep religion out of it just as the greens hide NewAge "spirituality" - if only to achieve their (and our) goals but, we know, Jesus is Christianity's marketing strategy, so that ain't gonna happen!

Oh well, at least they feel confident enough to join in openly turning the tide against these (other, waaay more malicious) fruitcakes, so for that we can be grateful:

We've felt awful alone for a long, long time.

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