Sunday, December 26, 2010

Every Search For Truth Always Leads To A Lie (But If You Only Want Sex We Got Somebody)

Wait - before we get into anything else - look at that photo. Is that a great photo, or what? Guys, seriously, what could you imagine doing - just with the space between her tits? And then look at her face. Is that a face that says "sincerity", or "integrity", or potentially "love"? Hell no! That's a face that screams, "What can you imagine doing - just with the space between my tits?"

Women - you gotta love 'em.

Alright, back to the (other) show:

We've had this for over a week, but it got lost in the Christmas shuffle (O.K., it just got lost, or we got lost, or something) but we know you want it (who doesn't want Rose McGowan dishing?) so here it is from New York Magazine:
Vulture caught up with Rose McGowan at the David Lynch Foundation’s “Change Begins Within” Benefit and asked her if she practices the Lynch Foundation–sponsored practice of Transcendental Meditation. "Should I lie to you?" McGowan asked us with a smile. "You know they’re all lying. None of these bitches meditate. Are you kidding me? This is fucking Hollywood; we put on lipstick. That’s what we do. It’s a fact." So if you did meditate, what kind of stressful events would trigger a session? "This kind of thing, really. I don’t do drugs and I don’t drink to get through it like most other people. Not only are these people lying about meditating, they’re all drunks and alcoholics. And drug addicts."
Fine. So everyone in Hollywood, who's telling you how "spiritual" they are, is pulling the wool over your eyes. Big surprise there. And don't you love Rose's "spiritual" language? Shit, if that Hollywood thing doesn't work out (and even if it does) she can hang out with us anytime!

If you want to know more about how the people who do meditate are lying to you, the Transcendental Meditation-Free blog (by meditators who've caught on - yes: people do catch on!) provides extensive coverage of David Lynch's latest Maharisi-inspired scam for you to enjoy - so go enjoy:

We're only going to tease you here.

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