Monday, December 20, 2010

Believers, Believers, Everywhere, & They Vote!

Well, well, well. This isn't exactly a shock, unless you take into account what side we're on:
A recently published study on religion in America found that the country is becoming increasingly divided between those who are fervently religious on the one hand, and those who are not so religious or even hostile to religion on the other. But at the same time, the study's authors say Americans have never been more tolerant of one another.

Based on a random sampling of 3,000 people from all faiths and walks of life, they found that a "God gap" has formed. Very religious Americans tend to be Republican and conservative, while more secular people tend to be progressive or vote for the Democratic party.
Yet every one of these geniuses thinks they can fool us into thinking they're only following their politics. Riiiight - they're only fooling themselves.

Instead, to us, they all look like insulting shallow idiots who assume we're as stupid as they are. Both the conservatives, because they can't stand up for American values without their "ancient teachings", and the liberals because they can't either - they just use NewAge, instead, to (what else?) fight the conservatives.

Or was anybody dumb enough to think all that "Jesus was a community organizer" bullshit was either Christianity or a statement of disbelief?

Fucking losers.

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