Saturday, December 18, 2010

We'll Reach The Dead End When Everyone Stops Pushing The "New Age Witch Hunt" Car Further

Gee, we can get so stupid about this "dead end" of a "New Age witch hunt" - especially where the name Oprah Winfrey comes up. Like in this article about "Dr. Oz" where:
Dr. Oz basically claims that the data are irrelevant and we have to make judgments on GM foods more or less based on our superstititions.
What else would anyone expect from a doctor married to someone calling herself a "Reiki Master"? And, of course, Oprah would only pick a doctor married to a Reiki Master for giving advice to America. (This all sounds a lot like what Prince Charles thinks is good for England, but no worries - it's nothing - only a crazy conspiracy theorist could see anything in rich NewAgers, utilizing the media on opposite sides of the globe, trying to convince the poor to throw away our critical faculties. Perish the thought.)

Did we ever mention we were once married to someone who was secretly a Reiki Master? Yes, it's true. Her name is Karine Anne Brunck, she killed three people, watched Oprah religiously, and would do anything Dr. Oz said.

Yes, that Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Oz - they are truly God's gift to America and the Western World.

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