Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We Don't Know - But Doesn't "Male Pride And Honor" Mean That Good Men Keep Their Word?

Recently, one of our regular readers made a passionate request that could not be denied:
The Crack Emcee, when you finally reach the dead end of your New Age witchhunt, and you search all around for a new hobby horse to ride high on, let me suggest researching the strange phenomenon of machismo - exaggerated male pride and honor - the peculiar females it attracts, and the damage done by hyper-aggressive men who haplessly try to hide from their own anger, fears, and hatred toward women.

I'm serious - I can think of no one better than you to blog about what he discovers in the bizarre world of false masculinity.
Consider it done:

We doubt the video, above, is exactly what our friend had in mind - since his "second wife" is a popular law professor and what TMR considers "research" (or the meaning of marriage) may differ from whatever they're calling what goes on over at their house(s). But whether it is or not, after watching this clip, we're now thoroughly convinced sticking with our current "macho" game plan is the way to go. And we're serious, too:

"Peculiar" or not - that girl is fine!


This investigation into the meaning of "machismo" was such a great idea we may have to turn it into a regular feature. The lamer men of America could learn a lot. What do you think readers?

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  1. "The strong do as they wish, the weak submit as they must"
    - Thucydides

    It's been a Navy SEAL Team motto for a while. I'd like to see Meade ask them to explain the strange phenomenon of machismo - exaggerated male pride and honor - and why their wives/girlfriends are "peculiar". Check it out: Meade is asking (no, begging) you to help him reclaim his gender. This redemption involves a disavowal of any behavior that doesn't jibe with his current male code. It must have first happened with his father who erupted at his failure to throw like a man. The greater his need to bury his insecurity in belonging, the more likely that he had to police his difference with the utmost severity. He will hide it if he can (he married a relatively dominate woman who sometimes even throws him a bone in her blog). Sure, lets explore Machismo: It's an ingredient in American Exeptionalism and it's one of the things that makes this Country great. Where do we start??