Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fear: Anybody Getting The (Cliche'd) Point Yet?

This is a NewAge world, indeed. Nobody tell Meade about this one:
In these tough times of record unemployment, terror alerts, oil spills, mortgage foreclosures and partisan politics that have torn a rent down the middle of this country, Americans have good reason to be living in fear.

Now, it turns out super heroes aren't immune either.

Marvel Comics announced Tuesday that it is launching "Fear Itself," a seven-issue mega-event series starting in April, which taps into all the malaise gripping the company's readers. In the fictional universe of Spider-Man and Iron Man, however, that panic is stoked by the villainous God of Fear instead of television pundits and Internet-savvy fundamentalist clerics.
Yea, O.K., we're sooooo scared!

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