Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Just A Fact Of Doing Business: We Listen To Yoga Masters Like We Look For Bacon Breasts

Here's TMR's Outstanding Quote of the Week (and damn it, if we had thought of this line ourselves, we would've used it waaay sooner on T-Shirts or something for - forgive the expression, Nina Totenberg - Christmas.) Here it is:
Yoga's not getting anybody a job.
Yea, we know - *brilliance* - and you're welcome.

BTW, just as a humorous tie-in/dig, we have a very-very-liberal friend/reader who recently admitted in a fit of anger - even though his conservative brother, and our Rush Limbaugh-listening ass, can afford to feed ourselves and he can't - he thinks he's "better" than the both of us, put together, because "I can touch my toes."

Yes, NewAge - you gotta love it:

It makes life just fucking peachy!

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