Sunday, December 26, 2010

Knowing Things Is Better Than Believing Them

Remember this, in the coming year, whenever you hear some stupid NewAger say, "science doesn't know everything" or some other bullshit about what we can't know:

There are people on this planet who actually know things.

Just because NewAgers are stupid doesn't mean everyone is. Just because they get everything wrong doesn't mean everyone does. Just because the entire basis for their belief means there's going to be evil in the world doesn't mean that even a swearing, offensive, punk-and-rap-loving asshole can't be a better judge than they are when it comes to an understanding of what it is that makes us all equally human, righteous, and lovable. Don't you forget it - not even for a day:

Linus knows - but we're all counting on YOU.

Merry Christmas - again - from TMR.

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