Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Making A Bad Situation Worse Trying To Help

Freeman Hunt is smart - "whip smart" as they say - and, when she focuses on something, you can bet it's going to get focused on. We've been lucky enough to catch her opining on an adorable NewAge profession for a change:
"Life coach." That is awesome.

I dub myself a life coach. Now accepting clients. For $$$. I will... coach you. About your life. 

My life coaching package comes with two options:

Option 1: I mirror everything you say back to you. You know, the whole, "And how is that working for you?" "How does that make you feel?" "I hear you saying [x]. Is that what you're telling me?" type stuff.

Option 2: I tell you what to do. You tell me what's going on and what you want, I tell you what to do. It might work, it might not, but there it is.

Qualifications: I have titled myself "life coach." I can make a face that resembles patronizing concern. I have an Enya CD from high school somewhere that I can dig up and play for you while you are in the waiting room. I own a prism for science purposes, but I can put it in the middle of the coffee table, and we can call it a "crystal" and pretend it has powers.

Email me, and I will coach your life. Act fast, and I will send you a product of my choosing from the As Seen on TV shelf at Walmart.
Like we said, Freeman's pretty fucking smart, so - if you're a NewAger with some "issues" - you just might want to consider looking her up,...seriously,...she can't do any worse than what you're doing now!