Sunday, December 19, 2010

F.E.A.R: Focusing Everything Around Rejection?

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself,” Franklin D. Roosevelt
Is obsessing about "fear" mostly a white person's thing?

We ask because, just days after Meade (Ann Althouse's "second husband") brought up the subject, we run across this article by Meredith Melnick asking "Where does fear come from?"

For the record: we don't know and (in this one case) we don't care.

We do know Liberal NewAgers are always running around, accusing people of being scared of their brilliance, asking "What are you afraid of?"

Answer: We're afraid that, if we kick your ass, we'll go to jail or prison - are we clear?

The truth is "fear", as most people define it, just isn't part of our reality.

Like when we found ourselves talking to a liberal this week about ObamaCare and, when he discovered we weren't for it, he said, "We better stop talking about this because you're scaring me." All we could do is stare at him; dumbfounded, as he backed away with his eyes all wide, with us wondering what his problem was.

It seems to us what they're all afraid of is disagreement - that someone thinks differently from themselves. Liberal NewAgers think that, because they agree on something with other Liberal NewAgers, no one else has the right to their own ideas. It bothers them greatly to discover we do think for ourselves - and, it's our experience, they'll use any means to make sure this isn't possible - including smears and slanders, or even calling for police protection under the cover of lies. For instance, not too long ago, a guy actually threatened to call the cops on us, because he got scared when we passionately - but without anger - told him we didn't want to use those newfangled twisty light bulbs in our house. Again - he got scared - but of what?

Michael S. Malone has written a column asking "Why Can’t We Do Big Things Any More?" Here's the clip from Instapundit:
There was a time – was it just a generation ago? – when Americans were legendary for doing vast, seemingly superhuman, projects: the Interstate Highway System, the Apollo Missions, Hoover Dam, the Manhattan Project, the Normandy invasion, the Empire State Building, Social Security.

What happened? Today we look at these achievements, much as Dark Age peasants looked on the mighty works of the Roman Era, feeling like some golden age has passed when giants walked the Earth. Even when we can still see the aged survivors of that era sunning themselves outside the local convalescent home – or sitting down with us for family holiday dinner – it’s hard not believe that there was once something larger-than-life about them that they failed to pass on to us. . . . We no longer build the world’s tallest buildings – other countries do. We no longer reaching towards the moon – other countries are. And when we do attempt something big – universal health care, alternative energy, improved educational standards, mass transportation – the initiative inevitably snarls up in bad planning, corruption, political pay-offs, lack of leadership, impracticality and just sheer incompetence. The comparatively tiny Lincoln Administration managed to win the Civil War, open up the Great Plains through the Homestead Act, and kick off construction of the transcontinental railroad. . .all in four years.
Glenn Reynolds answered with "Back then we had a leadership class that wanted America to be successful." That's a good guess but we don't think it's correct. (We think liberal NewAgers want us to be successful but on their terms and nobody elses.)

We think what we've had lately is a leadership class that's scared. They're scared of anyone who isn't attempting to be "humble" before them. They're scared of anyone who's willing to speak out against them. They're scared of anyone who's loud about it. They're scared of Rush Limbaugh's (fake) bluster. They're scared of Sarah Palin. They're scared of the Tea Party. They're scared of men who stick up for themselves in the face of feminism. (They're scared Sarah Palin and the Tea Party will stand up to feminism.) They're scared of people who have a vision and are capable of making big things happen.

Those nails must be hammered down! And not surprisingly - because Liberal NewAgers run in packs - that's the one thing they're not scared of trying to do.

The cool thing about the Liberal NewAge version of fear is that, once they overcome it, they seem to accept the inevitable.

If they're a man who was once scared of women, they get over it and let women run the show - even if it's not in that man's best interest. The reason we think that's cool is because, now that conservatives are getting to be in charge again - as the last election showed - Liberal NewAgers shouldn't put up much of a fight. Just as they're attacking Obama, for not attacking the Right hard enough, they'll do the cowardly thing and start attacking each other - rather than forcing us to make them lie down and say "Uncle" - which is great, because we don't like humiliating our fellow Americans, no matter how much fun it is.

Anyway, any thoughts the rest of you may have on Liberal NewAge "fear", and how it affects the country, would be greatly appreciated because, like we said:

It's not really part of our reality, so - like with our little ObamaCare "friend" - we don't yet know what to think.

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