Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jesus Is Like Obama (Wearing His Bike Helmet)

You know what we don't cover enough of? Christian Pop featuring kids telling us what "Jesus said", that's what! Nuh-uh, we almost never do it and, to be honest with you, if we did we didn't like it. But this we like. Yea, we actually like it, so there. Go complain to God.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is something called X-tReMe PoWeR from something else called (get this) The West Coast Believers Group, doing "Jesus Gave Us Authority", a perfectly fine little Christian sing along for kids, that sounds like it's sung by kids because it is sung by kids. But that's not the best part (there had to be something, right? The pop song by Christian kids couldn't just be candy-coated goodness on it's own, right? Noooooooooo!) the best part is when they end a verse saying "Chapter John 14:14" and then Jesus himself, as an adult, steps in to tell us that "When you ask me for something, I do it!" in a voice that says he obviously can't or else we'd all be rich. (Note to self: the problem with donations on this blog is we're not asking the right people.)

Anyway, it's cute and fun - well, it's cute, and that's enough for Christian kids music on this blog, which is supposed to be about something else entirely. Hey, it's Christmas, give us a break, O.K.? That spiked apple cider was good!

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  1. Jesus sounds a hell of a lot like "The Secret". Does that make these kids Oprah?