Sunday, December 26, 2010

Why Lincoln Called In (The Very Flawed) Grant

We told you TMR's mantra ("If you defeat the Democrats, they'll be back, but - if you defeat NewAge - we're done with the whole lot of them") and here's the proof we're right, from Charles Krauthammer:
The great liberal ascendancy of 2008, destined to last 40 years (predicted James Carville), lasted less than two. Yet, the great Republican ascendancy of 2010 lasted less than two months. Republicans will enter the 112th Congress with larger numbers but no longer with the wind — the overwhelming Nov. 2 repudiation of Obama’s social-democratic agenda — at their backs.

“Harry Reid has eaten our lunch,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, lamenting his side’s “capitulation” in the lame-duck session. Yes, but it was less Harry than Barry. Obama came back with a vengeance. His string of lame-duck successes is a singular political achievement. Because of it, the epic battles of the 112th Congress begin on what would have seemed impossible just one month ago — a level playing field.
Back to Square One - great. Obama should be considering suicide, but nooooo! You people - yes, Glenn Reynolds, we're talking to you - thinking you're so fucking smart (Oh, everything's going to be different because you're into politics now!) will still never learn.

The Left originally threw the Right on it's heels by attacking it's religious beliefs (Bush was doing God's work, remember?) now, to ignore the Left's nonsense in a political battle, is insanity - especially when 80% of the country is Christian.

It should be obvious - you attack where the opposition is weakest - and the Left has no defenses for NewAge. So muster your forces, call on your God, whatever - but, first, you've got to know where to attack:

And this should be the first target.

Now quit pussyfooting around and just do it.

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