Thursday, December 16, 2010

They're White, They're Right, And It's They Who Will Determine What's-What For All Time (Like That Means Anything Has Ever Changed)

Now this is interesting:

Ann Althouse's,...whatever,...Meade, recently accused us of being on a "New Age witchhunt" - which he thought was bad - while, today, his buddy, Glenn Reynolds, is suggesting we should treat any Republican who votes for the Democrat's new spending bill "as a pariah." We agree but, like we said, we also find it interesting. (We also love this photo - Ann looks so damned smug and/or full of herself. Sure, they probably had dinner, but she was feasting on her own ego,...)

Since we're sure Meade (or Ann) will let us know whatever wrongheaded thing is rattling around in that head of his, we'd like to suggest that since Oprah is getting people killed - and she's not (surprise) an unknown politician spending money - the Glenn/Ann/Meade Lawyers That Lead All Online Discourse Posse might want to use their influence to expand their scope a bit and maybe, just maybe, take on some serious crime the average person doesn't know about for a change.

BTW - no, we're not on a Meade/Ann/Glenn jihad, but - since our interaction with all of them started from pointing out the deficiencies in their arguments, starting with their emphasis on race (and since Meade has decided to get personal since Ann's disgusting multi-post display over the death of Elizabeth Edwards) we just wanted to point out nothing's changed.

We're now going back to our usual stuff.


  1. I mean I like to beat my hobby horse but it is about Joey Heatherton and Angie Dickensen and Marilyn Munster.

    Wait a minute. It's not my hobby horse I am beating.

    Never mind.