Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Intelligent Debate (If Not Design)

"I'll simply limit myself to pointing out a gigantic qualitative difference between Christianity and the various forms of fortune telling,...It is this: Christianity is an ethical system as well as being a religion, and the various forms of fortune telling are not. They offer no ethical guidance whatsoever.

Christians are urged to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and to try to model their lives on his. That means living for others and not for ourselves. If palm reading, tarot cards, clairvoyance, astrology, etc, have anything to do with morality it is only accidental. They do not urge people to try and live better lives. Instead they offer people a glimpse of the future, of their own future. They are all about the self, not others, and from a strictly religious point of view, they second-guess God.

Anyone who can't tell the difference between an ethical system like Christianity, and a sub-species of narcissism like fortune telling needs to come out from behind their own prejudice and expose themselves, dare one say it, to a little bit of reason."

- David Quinn, writing in Ireland's Independent.

Once you buy into NewAge, reason goes out the window, but you can close it using:

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  1. Great quotation, C.E. And it illuminates one of the main reasons I rarely go after Christianity and other mainstream religions on my own blog.