Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The People's Temple

At the end of the '70s
The People's Temple
had the full support
of The City
900 black souls
were to lose their lives
to a cult
that would rise on pity

Now in front
of that same City Hall
The Falun Gong
Family members say
they're thinking all wrong
but The City
offers them no aid

The Maitre Hospice
has a Reiki cult
that claims
they can stop the dying
A woman told me
she could walk through walls
I said "Show me"
She then stopped trying

One Taste will get you
by selling sex
once you climb up
the Yoga Tree
Please, tell me: what's left?
If I live
and just want to be me?

When bad people do bad things
for bad reasons - it's bad
- my mother-in-law killed
by a homeopath
A father got killed;
a sister,
in Vegas
"It's all natural without any side effects!"
- magic words, surely, they played us

Nobody talks
about killing each other
No, they talk
about what you believe
How something gets stronger
diluted in water
and wishing
cures heart disease

Black people are leaving
The City in droves
Doesn't seem so simple:
Where are they going?
Nobody knows
leaves The People's Temple.

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