Sunday, September 16, 2007

Join Us

"When people say, 'There must be a certain type of person involved in the cult phenomena', what they're really trying to say is 'I don't want to accept that this could happen to me'."
-- A line of dialogue from Ondi Timoner's new film, Join Us, which is "exploring why America is the number one breeding ground of cults in the world, and how mind control can happen to just about anyone."

"It's like joining a church, you have to be a believer, you have to have the right set of views."
-- A line of dialogue from Even Coyne Maloney's new film, Indoctrinate U, "about free speech on college campuses."

"I think the guy's a con artist."
-- A line of dialogue from Kevin Leffler's new film, Shooting Michael Moore, that shows "while writing books and shooting films that expose America’s inequities and presenting himself as a moral compass, he abused the non-profit status, engaged in questionable tax practices, violated environmental laws, and invested in Halliburton, oil stocks, leading drug companies, and HMO-chains. Additionally, contrary to his public persona, he used and deceived both the “little people” as well as U.S servicemen, and Flint’s populace is still waiting for him to bring promised jobs."

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