Friday, September 28, 2007

A Wooden Politician's Environmental Hot Air

"The climate crisis,...offers us the chance to experience what very few generations in history have had the privilege of knowing: a generational mission; the exhilaration of a compelling moral purpose; a shared and unifying cause; the thrill of being forced by circumstances to put aside the pettiness and conflict that so often stifle the restless human need for transcendence; the opportunity to rise. . . . When we rise, we will experience an epiphany as we discover that this crisis is not really about politics at all. It is a moral and spiritual challenge."
-- Al Gore, showing exactly how to offend me so much I'd never join his cause.
"[Al Gore] has a 'holistic, even mystical fervor' that reminds Schlesinger of one of FDR's vice presidents, Henry Wallace, known for his weakness for gurus."
-- From Newsweek magazine, reporting on the late Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr's diaries
"Gore's sermon is not one that will stand scrutiny."
-- Christopher C. Horner, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism

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