Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How Low Can You Go?

I'm just posting a note today to say how wild it is to me that people - liberals especially - are so open about their cynicism now. They poison the well with thier lack of insight, or compassion, into the human condition. So many of them have never really suffered, so all they comment on is their own (sometimes sick, sometimes not) middle-class existences. Sorry, kids, but living some version of The Graduate doesn't give you the right to condemn everybody. Hell, many people would give their right arms for what many of you wimps complain about, I know I would.

YOU are the ones who allow bad things to happen. Not the crazy Christians. It was you who abandoned what was "good" because you found something - anything - that was bad. You laughed at good. Thought of yourselves as so smart. Became cynical. Liberals, even atheists, adopt Hell-inspired iconography to make the point clear:

You're the bad guys.

I can't stand when people are trying to convince me to become as sour as they are. I'm not, and never will be. It's not my disposition, no matter what my writing looks like. As I've said many times, using my ex, Karine Brunck, as exhibit A:

It's the so-called "nice" people who have the truly ugly stuff rolling around upstairs.

The stuff they won't let people see. The stuff they really can't admit to. They're the people who lie, cheat, and steal - and, yes, kill - if it's likely anyone will be able to see it. She killed her own mother: How's that for a result of a "nice" outlook on life?

I wouldn't want to be such a person for anything. That's why I started:

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