Sunday, September 16, 2007

Che Is A Left-Wing Lie

“He has so many defenders. They have forged the cult of an untouchable hero.”

- Jacobo Machover, author of The Hidden Face of Che.

The article (linked above) continues:

"Machover, a Cuban exiled in France since 1963, blames the hero worship on French intellectuals who flocked to Havana in the 1960s and fell under the charm of the only “comandante” who could speak their language.

They turned a blind eye to anything that did not fit in with their idealised image of Guevara."

“The legend forged around Che is first and foremost a French creation that became international with time,” says Machover. Jean-Paul Sartre, the existentialist author who visited Havana with Simone de Beauvoir in 1960, also played a role, describing Guevara as “the most complete man of his epoch”.

Yea, I believe this. In France, when I lived there, Che was everywhere. Nightclubs and bars especially. And the french do admire anyone that speaks french, a language I never took to because it came off too fruity (Poo-poo, La-la, Koo-koo - What grown American man wants to sound like that?). Machover must be in a kind of hell there as well, with so much Che worship, knowing Guevara was just another corrupt, cold-hearted, killer.

I wish the Left had more invested in truth than in beliefs. We'd all be better off. I saw that Democratic politicians started attacking Gen. Petraeus's testimony before he even made it. Is that helpful?

What about reality?

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