Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another Hillary Clinton/NewAge Connection

According to Myrna Blyth, Bill and Hillary Clinton not only got some "funny money" from fugitive Norman Hsu but, also, from Nina Wang - "the richest woman in Asia" - who "died recently and,...left her billions to her Feng Shui adviser".

Psychics. Channeling. Bio-Electric Shields to ward off "negative energy". Tony Robbins. Ken Wilber. Bill's Davos statement about bringing us to "a higher level of consciousness". Fung Shui.

All bogus belief-system crap, and totally corrupt to the core.

When is the mainstream media - or her opponents - going to start drilling her on this stuff? I mean, c'mon:

This makes her presidential material?

No - it makes her a prime target for:

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