Thursday, September 13, 2007

Read All About It

Knowing about self-help/cult/new wage issues can make reading newspapers a trip! Nowadays, with all the stuff I've learned, cultish thinking just leaps out and frames almost every story. I was reading Wednesday's Wall Street Journal, today, and here's what I found in it:

In a piece on people behaving badly on airplanes - including U.S. Rep. Bob Filner (above) a California Democrat - SHAM (the Self-Help and Actualization Movement) has a whole bunch of "empowered" people running amok, acting like fools. Or, as it's described here, they have an "entitlement mindset". One guy, Bill Horoszko, of Hinckley, Ill., got to the "spiritual" crux of the matter, when he said:

"It's like [passengers] are entitled to be ignorant, rude and arrogant because they purchased a ticket,...People are so full of themselves now it's ungodly."

Now, now, God had nothing to do with it, Bill - God doesn't exist - SHAM does though:

Blame SHAM.

More new wage "empowerment" nonsense is in a story about a bunch of women who worked for a data-storage company where "new sales reps walk across beds of hot coals" (like Bill Clinton's new wage con man pal, Tony Robbins, has people do. It's a really stupid trick.). Anyway, the women think their company's bad because testosterone rules the roost.

But reading the article only reminded me of a story told by Ann Widdecombe (below) England's enemy of "the rights culture, the compensation culture and political correctness." She said:

"When all those ghastly [Tony] Blair babes arrived, one of them actually came up to me and said: 'Isn't it awful how the men are so rude to us?'

"And I said: 'Yes, and isn't it awful how rude they are to each other?' It had never occurred to her that she wasn't being penalised because she was a woman - the truth is that she had been roughed up in the chamber because she was useless."

Now, I ask you, people: Why couldn't I have married Ann Widdecombe?

And finally, it seems the WSJ has found a "connection" between new wage Hillary, the $850,000 she got from Norman Hsu, and the 1969 Woodstock Festival - the Burning Man of it's time - and it all centers around (what else?) a pyramid scheme.

Having financed the famous three-day mud bath through a friend with "a big trust fund" (surprise #1) one of the hippy creators of Woodstock, Joel Rosenman, left all that anti-capitalist nonsense behind him (surprise #2) only to "bring in friends" for the bogus enterprise Norman Hsu was claiming would net everyone a 40% profit. (surprise #3) Can you smell the "peace and love" yet? Let's see:

Hippies; no work - and scamming others for big profits - yep, sounds like a positively, homeopathically, new wage enterprise to me.

So somehow, you know, Hillary Clinton had to be involved.

She just had to, otherwise she'd be showing she possesses:

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