Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bad News All Around (And It's Just Going To Get Worse)

A member of The World's Dumbest Denomination had a talk with Anderson Cooper about her pastor's brilliant electrified fence idea, and predictably blew it. Also predictable is the welling frustration she exhibits when faced with the illogical implications of her beliefs, which is identical to the behavior two missionaries show in the now-infamous "Mormons vs Epic Black Guy" YouTube video:

Now, call me naive but, what I don't "get" yet is how all this formally-and-supposedly welcome questioning of beliefs has proceeded out there - without one charge of "bigotry" appearing - except when it comes to the man assumed to be the next President of the United States. No - though it was fine for the "Mormons vs Epic Black Guy" death match - when it comes to questioning Mitt Romney and Mormonism, then everything's off-limits and even asking is deemed to be in bad taste, or so I am told.

Actually "so I am told" isn't quite accurate - "it's demanded" would be closer to the mark when describing what I'm seeing. Why, it's even been suggested on the Althouse blog that this conservative cult-hunter is now becoming a liberal, suggesting I could be kicked out of the Right-wing fold if I don't get onboard the Joseph Smith bandwagon in order to beat Obama. Which leads me to wonder:

Could it be that, in 2012, what everybody's really scared to admit is they're rooting for a kook?

I asked the same questions of Obama in 2008, but I'm sure - conservatives being the good guys -  somebody will explain the ethics behind this new reluctance to talk eventually. They have to because, as I've pointed out countless times, Republicans still must vet Romney for when he meets Obama in the general election:
In a close race, with a by-any-means-necessary campaign comfortable with gratuitous rhetorical firebombing and incendiary attacks, it may not be a matter of if Obama attacks Romney's religion, but when.
Of course it is. Come on, we're talking about facing a guy who once released an opponent's divorce records. Do you seriously think Romney can avoid what's coming by indignantly putting his fingers in his ears? That's not even working on me and I'm not running for anything. There ain't shit I don't want to talk about. Where's YOUR bravery? All I see is an empty arrogance. Get it together, y'all,...

You'd better tell 
 Your story fast... 
 And if you lie 
 It will come to pass... 

 - Stevie Wonder, "Jesus Children Of America"

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  1. During the campaign in 2008, I swore I would never vote for a Mormon (the second m is silent).

    After 3+ years of Obama, I would vote for a head-hunting tree-worshipper with a bone in his nose.