Sunday, May 27, 2012

Homeopathic Medicine (They Sure Know How To Sell It)

I'm sorry, but some headlines are too good to pass up - feast your eyes on this confidence builder:

Homeopathy: It’s Not Just Voodoo

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, you heard that right - Homeopathy IS Voodoo - but it's also so much more! You can throw in some witchcraft, whatever they do to cows when they're beamed up to U.F.O.s, and maybe two or three seances (attempting to make contact with the inevitable dead that results from it's use) but, whatever else you may think, rest assured IT'S NOT JUST VOODOO!

Really - considering the level of stupid I encounter out there - this planet is just not big enough,...


  1. Obviously you've never used homeopathy, or you wouldn't be making such stupid statements.

  2. Nope, never used it. My wife just killed three people with it.

    I think that qualifies me as experienced.

    Who's stupid now?

  3. The power of suggestion is strong - but not strong enough. Being naturally curious, I tried homeopathy for a number of ills. It never worked for me. I tried acupuncture as well - same non-result.
    If people looked into the methods of preparation of homeopathic remedies they might better understand why the term 'magic' is often linked to it.

  4. First off, I had to read up on homeopathy, because I never acquainted myself with it. I thought it was something like some of the old timer's folk remedies that my grandparents used (back in the days before vaccines and penicillin, when that was basically all they had).

    Boy, was I ever wrong -- from the looks of it; this homeopathy stuff is if anything even less effective than my grandma's willow bark tea (which she was more than happy to trade aspirin tablets and penicillin for once those became available).
    Folks these days are using things out of choice that our grandparents did out of necessity (and a fair amount of desperation) -- or even worse, as at least the desired result was to alleviate symptoms, not create them (wtf?).
    When you think about it, this is a bit of a slap in the face to our grandparents...