Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Reason Talk Of Romney's Mormonism Is Taboo

George W. Bush's Christianity was fair game. Rick Santorum's Catholicism caused quite a kurfuffle. The jury's still out on Barack Obama, but there's been no shortage of discussion.

But mention the convicted con man's made-up "faith" that Mitt Romney follows and it's BIGOTRY! BIGOTRY! BIGOTRY! 

And the morons don't think anyone will notice their irrationality, the double-standard, or their hypocrisy - and will stay quiet about it all as they attempt to quell our right to freedom of speech. The little Nazis are as obvious as your breath on a winter's day.

Notice how conservatives talk about the press and Obama:
Even when you lead the mainstream media by the nose to the facts, or to the questions they should ask, they refuse.
So what makes conservatives different? Will they go to work on Romney? No way. Because they're partisan hacks and hypocrites, just as bad as those and what they hate, replaying 2008 from the Right side of the aisle. They have no interest in truth, or what's good for the United States. All they care about is lying. Well, sorry, but wrong is wrong:

I will not follow,...


  1. There will be plenty of mention of Romney's faith. Axelrod and Company will make damn sure of that.

    I do not believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I do not believe the Book of Mormon. But I generally find Mormons (when I meet them as individuals) to be good people and good neighbors (Matt Stone and Trey Parker say essentially the same thing). I do not feel compelled to bash their beliefs, I just do not agree with them. Mainly I am live and let live because they do not seem to be impacting my life in a negative way in regards to their beliefs.

    Is Mitt Romney, if he wins, going to cause some mass Mormon thing in this country? I doubt it. The more you know about the religion (the doctrine of it), the less it makes sense (hence the reason Mormons switched to a PR campaign of family and general morals a few decades back, as opposed to trying to explain the underlying dogma).

    And I think they are smart to save two years worth of food.

    A lot of people believe things I disagree with (as an atheist I would assume your list is even longer than mine). Where it gets to me is when they cross that line and try to impose it on me.

  2. I hear you, but here's the thing:

    The world's not just about you or I.

    You're basically saying, if your neighbor is holding a girl hostage in his basement, it's fine with you as long as he keeps his lawn nice.

    The fact his nice lawn is the cover he uses to do his dirty work is irrelevant. When someone shows up with evidence of his crimes, you'll say, "Fred? No way! Look at that lawn!" like his grass has any bearing on his guilt or innocence.

    And how did Fred fool you for all those years? You have no idea so you can't imagine how he could in the future.

    I love how everyone has only a passing interest in cultism and, since their vision of "some mass Mormon thing" doesn't seem likely, they brush off anything else happening. (Hey - who thought of 9/11 after the first WTC bombing?) You just never know with freaks.

    The saddest thing is nobody wants to stand up for reason. So Mitt Romney believes in crazy shit - make him president anyway! We need a president who believes crazy shit now more than ever. Who cares how steep the slope is, from George Washington to Mitt Romney? We have no choice.

    I predict the rate of suicides to increase dramatically in the next few years - not that it should bother you,...

  3. I am pretty sure Mitt is not holding a girl hostage in his basement.

    You must be thinking of Roman Polanski.

    And look: The NYT is doing a story on Mormons! Not too weird...but you know this will change as we get closer to November.

    I can vote for Obama, Romney or third party. Or sit things out. To me, Romney as flawed as he is (and I think he is very flawed), is still better than Obama.

    As for the rate of suicides, we better get this national debt thing under control or I predict suicides will increase. Regardless of who is in office.

  4. The thing is: are they all really such nice people?

    And there have been a lot of "nice" people who have some really not so nice hidden motives for such niceness (I'm sure People's Temple folks seemed really nice, at least at the start.)

    Looking at what Mormon doctrine says and then looking at some of the things they are doing (all documented) you start to wonder just what the heck is up? (and just what exactly is up with that food thing? if an individual just up and did it, well ok, be prepared -- but this is a mandate from on what gives?)

    And nobody is asking -- except for what could be termed the opposition (so it's easily written off as bigotry as a campaign strategy; nothing to see, move along)

    Pathfinder's Wife


    While the author of this is biased, she at least has the courage to admit it, and the contents, while they are like everything else open to debate, are interesting.

    Hope you don't mind me throwing it up there (and I apologize if there was a boundary crossed); I'm far too lazy to go to any more effort than this. If it's stepping across any lines, just delete it.


  6. Hey look, the WaPo is not afraid to bring it up?

    Or the WaPo says: Let's blame Mitt for the Mormon militia (150 years ago).

    If we are going to do this, let's at least be fair and do it to both sides. Crack is certainly not one to hold back his opinions (which is why I respect his work). But unfortunately the media will only engage in this inquiry in one direction.

  7. Yeah, you must remember WaPo is the paper that admitted - as soon as ObiWan got elected - they had provided us with biased coverage of his campaign, after (and over the objections of) conservative complaints about their work. That was their version of honesty.

    It's a good thing there's something called "the truth" because, otherwise, I wouldn't know what we do this for,....

  8. By all means, let's -- it certainly is a target rich environment!

    In the end, being able and willing to criticize any and all (even your own) is a mark of a free society.