Monday, May 21, 2012

Bogus Belief Film: The History Of Spiritual Sell-You-Loid

Another cult-inspired film is being released, and this time it's Vikram Gandhi's Kumaré: A True Film About A False Prophet. In it, the American Gandhi assumed the role of a visiting Indian guru named Kumaré and filmed the reactions of the gullible. And gullible they are. Watch.

The film's conceit even has some bearing on the Mormon "religion" as Gandhi asks, "Can people find the same peace, from a made-up religion, that they found in a real one?" Of course, the better question is whether people need to be this nonsensical at all, but - hey - it's Gandhi's first film. Maybe he can make one on the lives of those who, somehow, live without covering life in the fake gold of false hope for his next one.

Though it should be pretty obvious, I would like to point out how important Yoga was to the con job. Yoga is the gateway drug to being delusional, so it was only natural that - in order to fool people - a yoga studio is where Kumaré would find delusionals who would foolishly follow him. And they did.

I should also point out that years ago, long before Vikram Gandhi and Kumaré, James "The Amazing" Randi pulled this same stunt in Australia by creating a fake guru named "Carlos" and drawing the media in. Considering the media's supposed to be our bull work against bullshit, it was pretty damning evidence the public had been abandoned by those self-assigned to protecting us.

And finally, there was Randi's Project Alpha, when he proved "paranormal" researchers also want to believe when there's no good reason to do so. We are surrounded by hucksters, and they're in charge, getting all the money, holding positions of power, and doing everything but letting the truth breathe - just so they can keep it. But never fear - Randi won a MacArthur Genius grant, Vikram Gandhi won the People's Choice award at the SXSW film festival, and I still have a blog.

I told you the cult films are coming - and there's more on the way. 

The frauds don't stand a chance,...

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