Monday, May 28, 2012

Paul Krugman's Roswell/Area 51 Plan To Save Us All

Paul Krugman, The New York Times' eccentric economist, is the talk of the blogosphere today - mainly because of a critique of his new book that drifts into a dissection of his particular form of madness - with this moment alongside Bill Maher figuring prominently. Fortunately, Krugman's delusional idea also fits comfortably into the theme of this blog, being NewAge in nature and because he's discussing fooling the public to achieve his liberal designs, so I just had to post it.

Hell, it would've been a dereliction of duty if I hadn't - a really serious breach - and we can't have that on Memorial Day, can we?

Anyhoo, how an idiot like this keeps a job, and even gets on T.V. - especially after being an adviser to Enron - I don't know (and I'll leave for another time) but I guess, if nothing else, his entertainment value must be worth something. Mind you, probably not as much as he's making, but,...something.


That's an interesting question, probably, for real comedians - as opposed to those just at the NYT

How much is always being wrong worth anyway?

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