Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hamburger Meat

"What the Hell is your problem, Buddy?" That was Will Smith after some goofy gay guy tried to kiss him on the mouth at Cannes - prompting the question, what is wrong with gays?

I did a post last night about John Travolta trying to suck some guys' dick while he slept, and could probably spend the rest of my blogging life telling you about other weird things I've actually seen gays do, making me also wonder if this is the world "gay supporters" are fighting for? Because if it is, I can guarantee you, somebody's going to get hurt. I mean, when mild-mannered Will Smith says he "shoulda sucker-punched" a guy, you can only imagine what someone with a less congenial spirit, or awareness of his media image (if he has one) might have done.

That bozo could've got fuuucked up. 

 And how's this incident playing out in the media, even now? As Will Smith slapped a guy - like he's violent - not as some too-forward fag violated another man's personal space. That seems to be what the game is now. To create a public space - but one without personal space - so anyone, who acts like there is, can be condemned for not acquiescing to other's predations.

In other words, pretty soon women and gays will be chasing straight men around their desks at work, because it was so much fun when assholes did it to women in the '50s and '60s.

But, if that's true, why'd they make those "Mad Men" stop to begin with? 

Eat The Rainbow,....

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