Friday, May 18, 2012

Can You Feel It? (Nothing Can Save Ya,...)

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright's recent admission that, when it came to the Obama's, ”Church is not their thing. It was never their thing,” would explain why the president never heard was going on in Wright's wrong-headed house of worship, AND provides another bit of evidence - along with Obama's closeness to Oprah - why I still insist he's a NewAger. The fact Barack chose Hillary Clinton as our Secretary of State - she who famously sought the counsel of "psychic" Jean Houston after it was discovered her husband couldn't keep his trousers closed with Monica around - doesn't help matters either.

But, like Mitt Romney and his ambitions for Mormonism, these Tetris-like pieces, falling perfectly into place, can only be revealed long after the subject of interest has attained power.

That's how a lie of omission - and putting partisanship over country - "works." 

Speaking of partisanship, isn't it fascinating the lengths conservatives are happily going to, digging through Elizabeth Warren's life to debunk her flimsy claim to a Cherokee heritage, but they show no more than a superficial interest in the life of a man in line to become president, who is a high ranking official in what many are openly calling a "creepy"cult? (Remember when Obama ran and CNN said the same thing?) Oh yes, if an Affirmative-Action devouring fruitcake was teaching our children we must know everything, but if a nutjob's about to be elected leader of the free world, just flash a picture of his family on the screen and everybody STFU. That's how presidential vetting's been done in this country for two election cycles now. And even worse A) they try to act like no one's noticing, and B) they're proud of themselves for getting away with it this long. 

I say it won't last,...

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