Thursday, May 24, 2012

Make A Little Room (Before You Get Kicked Out,...)

Because I'm so fucking cool, somebody named "Rusty" wrote me a note regarding my misgivings about Mormons:
Crack. People choose to believe what they want to believe. At least in this hemisphere. Railing at them about it only drives them further into their beliefs.

Tell me about it. But you don't have to say it like such obvious signs of madness are a good thing. (Notice you're not saying people should behave this way, just that they do,...) That claim is basically an endorsement of Al Qaeda and the 9/11 high jacker's actions, which I think you'll agree was a lousy choice for them to make - just ask bin Laden. 

I'm reminded of what Martin Luther said when questioned about the existence of god now that he no longer had the Catholic Church to hold onto. 
"What the heart holds most dear, let that be your god."
Well shit, somebody should've immediately handed that man some rock cocaine, then we probably would've had somebody calling himself Martin Luther KING one Hell of a lot sooner - AND understood such a juvenile statement as this to be the immature rambling that it is. What are you going to present to me next, Russ? "If you can't be / with the one you love / love the one you're with?"

I'm far more concerned about the cults arising out of the Ayatollahs or Dear Leader.
Ahh, so now we're picking and choosing which cults are O.K. - when none of them are O.K. - and, even better, finding the ones furthest away to be the more immediate threat! Whoo-boy, like the homeopath's conclusion that delusion equals strength, that's cultish thinking at it's best - but, unfortunately, no surprise when talking with a cult apologist.

You know, Peter Hitchens may not be the most graceful writer in the world, but he can certainly knock out an eye-catchingly truthful headline now and again:
Why defeat an evil empire – and then embrace a stupid one?
I don't know, Pete, but that seems to be the plan. Check out this statement by the kid who recorded his liberal teacher bullying her class as a way of defending Obama:

“She doesn’t want to hear anything but what she believes in”
Now, does it strike anyone else on the planet that this is a stupid way to go about life? Nah. Not to liberals. It never occurs to religious/spiritual types, either. Shit, right now, it doesn't even occur to conservatives they shouldn't be doing it. But do it they will - because we must defeat Obama! - and if they release the stupid while doing so, then so be it.
Time for nation to declare war on being stupid
Of course it's long past time, but it's not going to happen. Stupidity has a way of interrupting even the best laid plans, leaving a bitter taste in the mouth most are too dumb to identify as lying to themselves.

The 2004 version of Barack Obama, who captured the nation with a dazzling speech about unity and went on to win the presidency on a message of hope, died on Monday. He was 8 years old.
The stupid can't identify or tell the truth because, being stupid, they have little smarts and are thus enamored with seeing and performing displays of intelligence's lowly cousin - cleverness - which any moron can perform.

Is Obama as bright as he seems?…Doubts over his intellect were raised after it emerged that Mr Obama was among a 1981 intake of transfers to Columbia University that was branded one of the worst ever.
You might have noticed, those things that are currently going right, aren't doing so because anyone has wised up, but because of the recession - which is a result of past mass stupidity. Only the recession is forcing their hand - but, as some of you might have noticed, it's also making a point:

Being backed in a corner and confronted - mentally or physically - this is the only cure for determined idiots.

Dummies going to "choose to believe what they want to believe," but they must be reminded there is such a thing as a wise choice, because not everyone is lost in their mental mix-up, or accepting of their insanity as fact - and so we must apply reminders directly:

That despite what goes on in their silly little minds, the fools who go around "believing" things aren't the only ones on good ol' "Mother Earth"…

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