Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Update: NewAge Patient-Centered Care (Which Doctor?)

Wow - when a High Court in INDIA is saying to take action against quacks, and America's aren't, the gods (if there were such things) must be crazy. The best we can hope for, here, are class action lawsuits against the "snake oil" of homepathy - and damn it, we'd better be happy about it because (even with thousands of out of work lawyers supposedly looking for income) it's all we're going to get.

Over in England, Prince Charles's alternative medicine foundation was 'brought down by fraud,' and that's no laughing matter, while there's also a new comic book about "science, skepticism, evidence and woo" which has to be. I mean it just HAS to be, right?

I told you about the Australian college that rejected a chair based on Rudolf Steiner's ridiculous theories of "healing," but completely forgot to tell you about the Canadian dentist who got busted claiming he could cure cancer using "alternative" treatment techniques.

How he slipped through, I have no idea.

And everybody's heard about the Chinese human baby flesh pills, which didn't really faze me, because I've become so used to people making the most horrendous excuses for every gruesome human excess - like that $141.55 a bottle face cream made from the foreskin of baby boys that Oprah and Barbara Walters use - I'd already started wondering, a looong time ago, if grinding up babies into pills would even get a reaction from the rest of these ignorant, cold-hearted, self-deluded monsters.

 Now I know,... 

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