Saturday, May 19, 2012

You Just Never Can Tell With Me,...(And That's Good!)

Wait, wait, wait - first, I have to say this: 

Discovering Danny & The Juniors were this charisma-challenged almost makes me sympathize with the racist beatings taking place out there today.

Get cooler, white people - or else!

Alright (now that I've got that off my chest) after work last night, I got a call from a dear friend in San Francisco who'd been checking out the blog, loved the podcasts, and started wondering how much of TMR is really what I think and how much is an entertainer doing his thing for online eyeballs. Like that whole yoga-is-a-cult thing, what's that about? Really, let's hear it. I was happy to be of service.

We talked for over an hour. About the history of yoga, what the NewAge Movement is, the expansion of cults in America, their infiltration of the worlds of celebrity and politics, my marriage and what I learned from what followed, Mormonism and the Right's unwillingness to investigate it (just as the Left refuses with Obama) and many other things as well.

And then, when it was over, I sent him a bunch of supporting links. It was a good, solid, midnight conversation.

He thinks I'm a fool,...

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  1. I see a future for Liz Warren on the Food Network.

    Barry can always do a gig on the Oprah Network (assuming Michelle lets him).