Thursday, May 17, 2012

Put Your Hand Over Your Heart (Your Other Heart,...)

Here are the words I expect to keep reading, right up to nominating a Mormon for president:
The more I learn about Mormonism the more strangely fascinating it is and the crazier it sounds.
Also, I didn't know the NewAge anti-vaccine-porn-comic-who-singlehandedly-cured-her-son's-autism, Jenny McCarthy, totally dissed Oprah's OWN network, but never got her show on NBC either; but then, even I never know what this anti-cult website will report as things working as they should. Repeat after me:

The more I learn about other people the more strangely fascinating they are and the crazier they sound. 

Speaking of crazy, the public's crowning of Obama as King of the Gays, is lending the debate over "gay" marriage a much-needed authority it didn't have before (snicker) giving TMR the courage to receive the president's endorsement like the students, carrying out Freedom Rides in 1961, did MLK's.

Look it up.

I shall be singing "We Shall Not Be Moved" as long as there's a goal of a better tomorrow. We should be able to watch these achievements with pride, capturing all their glory for the greater good - and getting something done at the same time:

Women deluding themselves,…
Like that. 

Anyways, know I am fighting for another way to do things, to look at things, to make things happen, because if TMR doesn't present them, who will? I don't have to like the world, just to fight on. And fight on I will. Why?

No American should have to feel confused about Western values anymore. 

Or, at least, we shouldn't have to feel alone in doing so,…

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