Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thoughts On Mittens, Mormons, And How Cold It's Getting (Before This Snow Job REALLY Begins,...)

A lot of people I like have told me Mitt Romney's Mormonism doesn't bother them because THEY can't see the danger, which is pretty much the same line I heard others use about "alternative" medicine ("What's the harm?") before my wife killed three people.

Silly mortals.

The equivalent to their absolutely brilliant, big-thumbs-up analysis is that, as long as your kid comes home with a good grade, it doesn't matter the school is teaching her gibberish. Everything will work out fine, right? She an 'A' student!!!

Of course if you ask her what time it is, she says, "Pears," but so what? The teacher has assured you she's headed to Buttfuck University and that's all that matters.


Pay no attention to Joseph Smith behind the curtain. 

The fact all the major cult-watching sites have followed Mormonism, long before Mitt Romney's candidacy was viable, is irrelevant - we'll take HIS word they're not a cult - those silly cult-watching sites know nothing (they're just practicing until the real thing comes along,...). And, according to one especially depressing Althouse contributor,...well, I'll let him tell it:
The fact of the world is that the world needs cults, just as it needs heroes. Nihilism and existentialism are the defaults of all serious thought. We absolutely must have big, meaningful ideas if we are to have any civilization. Cults bring us those ideas. 

Are the ideas true? It doesn't much matter. The trick isn't getting rid of cults, but ensuring that the cults produce beneficial results.
"It doesn't much matter." Sigh. Such an atrocious, short-sighted, and atrociously short-sighted statement. I can't help but wonder about the educational system of this country when reading such drivel.

Here - let me re-phrase his comment so we can begin to see how truly horrible it is - especially when we consider those trapped in cults:
The fact of the world is that the world needs mind control slavery, just as it needs heroes. Nihilism and existentialism are the defaults of all serious thought. We absolutely must have big, meaningful ideas if we are to have any civilization. Mind control slavery bring us those ideas. 

Are the ideas true? It doesn't much matter. The trick isn't getting rid of mind control slavery, but ensuring that the mind control slavery produces beneficial results.
Better? It would certainly be more accurate. And what kind of "beneficial results" don't "much matter" to this intellectual genius? Maybe something like this in our time of need?


I've already mentioned my wife killing three people. Or how about the death of a 5 year old? Or maybe it's "multiple counts of lying on life insurance applications, rape, sodomy, criminal threat, making false statements on auto credit applications and sexual exploitation of a child" that's more his style.

Whatever. "It doesn't much matter." Even if it happened in Missouri - the Mormon's "Garden of Eden." Has anybody ever been to Missouri? Tell me these people aren't crazy,...

BTW - Ann Althouse is still on the job, sniffing out that ever-present anti-Mormon bigotry, because someone "just has questions. A lot of questions. Can't blame a man for asking questions, can you? I'd say you can." Ann's becoming incredible. And check out this line:
Wills is asking questions, not making arguments, which let's him be very slippery.

Ooooh, someone's going over the deep end here. Becoming French right before our very eyes.

Ann didn't see the Obama cult until AFTER he got elected. And now she's acting like one of those people who claims God is omnipotent, all seeing, all knowing - capable of striking down evil - but is compelled to act on God's behalf anyway.

I mean, isn't it interesting how Romney refuses to discuss his "religion," but - when we citizens are supposed to be vetting a candidate for an office where he'll have power over us - he can get the great Ann Althouse (and Glenn I-love-quackery Reynolds ) to go to bat for him? As ol' Glenn would say:


Ann and Glenn should write their own version of "How I Helped L. Ron Hubbard to 'Take Over the Planet'" but with Romney's name inserted. Ann especially, because she's the one who fell for Obama's cult schtick (even thought Obama was smart) and now - without ever admitting she was wrong before - expects us to take her thoughts on Romney seriously now.

Well, it may work for her sycophants (everything works for her sycophants) but not for me. 

 And, finally, I'd be rich if I had a nickel every time I've heard this brain-dead "logic":
The Mormon's I've known during my life have all been good, hard-working, friendly, salt-of-the-earth folks.
This is always asserted by people who know nothing of cultism. Shit, the cult known as The Family used to have their women sleep with you - you can't get much more "friendly" than THAT!!!!

Unfortunately, for those of us with more than a passing knowledge of Mormons, the story always ends the same way:
Once I made my choice [not to join], I noticed that all my new Mormon friends were suddenly scarce.
Yeah, that's how great folks ALWAYS behave. 

Wow. Somehow, arguing for reason in our leaders and institutions is much more diffiCULT than I was ever prepared to expect. Oh well, I guess "it doesn't much matter":

 Like Obama, Mittens can't hide the crazy forever,…


  1. I like this one better!

    I saw some Drudge post about some astrologer favoring Obama over Romney and thought, damn, this offends Crack at least three different ways.

  2. All the Mormons I've known were/are good, honest people... except for those that are not. This is a bit like making a complaint about the weather. I would do that but I don't want to talk about Al Gore, either.

  3. would be good to have someone in power who thinks the Constitution divinely inspired...written by God himself? (or at least the Mormon God, just like it is the Mormon Christ and Bible -- rather than the original versions like so many people seem to believe...hey, if the words are the same and they say it's true, right it must be, right?).

    Therefore, anything in the Constitution is by reference infallible, omniscient, omnipotent...and more importantly (especially if you read up on Mormonism and its evolution, so pay attention): any amendments would also be not only the law of the land, but the law of God....and all that could possibly entail (think about that, PLEASE!).

    And because they are such "good, conservative, family and success oriented people...such good Republicans for the majority" that's ok; it's ok to risk putting that (AND ALL IT COULD POSSIBLY ENTAIL) in place?

    You know, as a relapsed RC I found and still find it deliciously ironic that so many Republicans, libertarians, and conservatives ran around insinuating that if Santorum beat Romney the Vatican would run the country (I suspect they were Romney supporters all along, but anyway) -- even though there was no evidence to support this.
    Yet the Republicans, conservatives, libertarians are not only not even questioning this very thing in regards to Romney, even though there is enough evidence to at least warrant said questioning...and even better, if somebody does, they are obviously an anti-Mormon bigot and an in the closet liberal working deep cover for Obama.

    Well then, consider me suspect and a bigot -- the Constitution is a wonderful document, but I do not want it being considered an American Sura...ever. History has shown what can happen if that happens -- it isn't pretty; yet we willingly gamble because we want "our team" to win (and by the way, there is more to knock on Mitt than just Mormonism, but it always seems to have ties to it...bring any of it up and of course people get labelled as a bigot and working for the other side.

    So be it I guess. PW