Monday, May 14, 2012

Me & The Mormons: It's (Almost) A Supernatural Thang

Calling Romney and Bain Capital "a vampire" almost puts this in our ballpark, though I'll adMITT I'm stretching things a bit (Stretch a bit - with Mitt!). Still, the ad does highlight Romney's political hypocrisy, and the cold, ruthless manner with which he - as a Mormon - will run over smaller people in his mad rush for profits:
With their management strategies, clipped haircuts and paperwork, it would be easy to confuse the men of the Mormon priesthood with a corporate board - IBM in the 1950s, American Motors in the 1960s, Bain Capital in the 1980s. 
The priesthood can be subject to the pitfalls of all such organizations: group think, insularity, rigid institutionalism. And yet these Mormon men see themselves to be far more.
Yeah, I know - I've seen the Romney family Christmas card. (Yikes!) Along with the reporter never mentioning his article is about a "church" started by a multiply-convicted con man - which regularly has the word "cult" attached to it - unlike the Obama ad, which at least hints at weirdness, the quote above bothers me for exemplifying another failing of the mainstream media's coverage:

 Their ever-ready desire to indoctrinate us in the cult's point-of-view, as opposed to relentlessly subjecting them to the outside world's.

I am no more concerned with how "these Mormon men see themselves" than roadkill cares what kind of cars they drive. But, with the exception of the pull-quote above, there is nothing else in the linked article - whether in perspective, factual information, or tone - to suggest this so-called journalist is digging for anything more profound than he could've gotten from one of the many brochures Mormons are always ready to provide. If anything, I'm surprised he didn't stop with copying a brochure word-for-word. It's all I've been led to expect.

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