Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blam! Bingo! Bull's Eye! Brooks! (And It's Both Of 'Em!)

I know all and see all - don't you understand that yet? I can't link to it directly, thanks to Wordpress taking down my other blog, but I'd already done a post on England's Rebekah Brooks and her NewAge con man of a husband, Charlie, so it's hardly a surprise that today I find they've been charged with perverting justice.

Perverting justice. How appropriate. Either the judge, or justice itself, has a sense of humor. Look, because of other commitments today, I can't write too much on this now, but find my cache'd posts on this and know now:

I'm becoming so good at predicting future results - based only at looking into NewAge shenanigans - that, when you're done, you'll be demanding I act as your stock broker or something. 

You heard me - but you better act fast. 

All I'm saying for now is, if you make a donation, I'll consider getting business cards made up,...

ADDED: Charlie Brooks now says:
“I feel today is an attempt to use me and others as scapegoats with the effect to ratchet up the pressure on my wife who I also believe is the subject of a witch-hunt."

"Witch-hunt." Nice one, Charlie - you know her better than we do,...

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