Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ann Althouse Doesn't Mention Race And Is Still Racist

Good Lord - that woman's insane again:

Ann's obviously talking about two movies referencing racism. Yes indeed, why were they blockbusters? 

The answer, Annie, is because - like 12 Years a Slave - Lincoln and Red Tails are special for, finally, lavishly covering subjects blacks have rarely seen treated before. The culture is changing, the sand shifting beneath your feet. But no, like Glenn Reynolds and his recent they're-all-out-to-get-Sarah Palin rant, you'll go with your own hippy-dippy conspiracy theory:

Why was that done? Maybe they cared more, than you currently do, about black subjects? Real Americana? What's important? 

Well sure, their "weight" = money, but - and this is HUGE - there's also the radical notion nobody that rich, and desiring to make and finance these films, cares a rat's posterior whether a certain kind of American white (who has stated she thinks blacks are "belly-aching") like these movies being made.

Or - honestly - whether they like them at all:


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