Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What I Hate About NewAge Teachings: The Manipulation

I hadn't thought about it before, but The United Negro College Fund did always seem to be hitting the nail right on the head:

“'White' as distinct from any other skin color does not exist in actual human populations; 'white people' came about only in the past three centuries, and 'whiteness' as an index to power and privilege is a construction that serves to exclude others based on a largely arbitrary difference.

None of this is particularly revolutionary or mysterious. Nor is it hard to teach. In my own experience, students ranging from intro-level college undergrads to graduate students in advanced seminars are profoundly interested in these ideas, and they get them on a visceral level. Yet last week we saw a highly compensated and visible news personality publicly stating the polar opposite of what anyone with a passing knowledge of history knows to be actual fact.

What’s the disconnect? Is the history of race simply not taught? That seems wrong to me, because it touches on so many other topics. You can’t teach the so-called Age of Exploration without discussing it. You can’t teach U.S. colonial or Civil War history without talking about it. You can’t teach a class in 20th Century America without talking about it.”

It goes deeper than that, my friend - take a breath:

I can make that racial,...

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