Thursday, December 26, 2013

TMR's Year In Review: White Welfare - Instapundit Once Again Shows The Poor Black Folks How It's Really Done

Online cults? Cliques? Groupthink? I've been against them from the start. Never forgetting how Ann Althouse got so popular (it's all on the strength of her profound "writing," right?) I howled with laughter when I saw this:

And, Boy - considering Steyn's a syndicated columnist with a regular gig on The Rush Limbaugh Show - he certainly does need Glenn's help!

There were others but, this year, my favorites were Instapundit's many handouts to Utah's former Tea Party candidate for governor, David Kirkham. He, who admitted - in private, under TMR's careful questioning, last New Year - that he was only running because he'd sold his sports car business, and was "bored". (Which, I think, is Instapundit's sole reason for existing, too. That and, of course, your money,...)

As fate would have it, Kirkham eventually went on to have a heart attack, and so, would have to amuse himself with something other than fanatically toying with his fellow citizen's lives. 

It's a pity, really:

Because that has to mean there's no "Heaven On Earth" after all,…

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